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Book Review: Chris Crawford on Interactive Storytelling (18 Apr 2005)
Beyond the various implementation discussions, Crawford spends a good deal of the book discussing the meaning of interactivity, the past and future of the quest for Interactive Story, the creation of development environments for would-be interactive storytellers, and ongoing research into the potential of interactive story systems.

The book's style, by the way, is quite candid, and Crawford's opinionated personality does make its way into the material. At times, this can be a bit distracting, but his frank style adds color and character to a book that could otherwise have been bogged down by its abundance of theory and partly developed implementation strategies.

Overall, though, “Chris Crawford on Interactive Storytelling” is a comprehensive treatment of a topic that continues to be of interest to game designers and storytellers alike. His ideas need further exploration and refinement, but the book itself is an informative and welcome addition to the wider discussion of the industry's future.

If an Interactive Storytelling revolution is indeed just a few years around the corner, then you can bet Chris Crawford will be at the crest of the wave.
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 Chris Crawford on Game Design
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 Chris Crawford on Interactive Storytelling
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 Interactive Storytelling: Techniques for 21st Century Fiction by Andrew Glassner
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