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Initial Experiences in Developing a Chronologically Organized Digital Library for Continuing Education in Biodefense (16 Apr 2005)
The goal of the project described in this article is to create a biodefense digital library and learning collaboratory that will serve as a national core facility enabling, enhancing, and intensifying education, communication, interaction and collaboration amongst all biodefense investigators and trainees.

The project's hypothesis is that biodefense investigators and trainees can broaden and deepen their knowledge of biodefense-related issues through the use of a continuing education program delivered daily in small granules and integrated into their workflow in the form of biodefense-related news stories. Over time, these news stories will aggregate into an unstructured curriculum of biodefense topics that will closely parallel the structured curriculum of a biodefense graduate program. Furthermore, as the investigators and trainees engage in discussions related to these news stories, the result will be the development of educational collaborative relationships.
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