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Rules for Remixing (08 Apr 2005)
Some would argue that the learned professional dominated the 20th century, whereas, in the 21st century it appears that a paradigm shift is poised and ready. In an age where knowledge, information, and global communication is at the fingertips of almost anyone, the amateur enthusiast, the "citizen engineer", has the ability to make an impact the economy and society, to remix culture.

In a highly concentrated, super-charged discussion, Rael Dorfest, CTO of O'Reilly Media and series editor of the popular O'Reilly Hacks book series, outlines the theme of the 2005 O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference, remixing. He examines the impact of the "remix culture" on business, innovation, the Internet, and the interaction between the customer with technology through mass amateurizaton. Mr. Dornfest discusses the ways in which we remix the web, remix music, remix television, remix networks, remix movies, remix data, remix text, remix syndication, remix the bookshelf, and other remixes.
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