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Susan Dumais: Changing the Way People Search for Information, Through Algorithms and User Interfaces (07 Apr 2005)
The idea is to understand when people search, why people search and whether we can make it easier for them to get results without leaving the application theyre in, Dumais said. Its recognizing the fact that search is not the end goal. We want to show people results in context and help them integrate those results into whatever theyre doing.

Dumais is quick to point out that the research she engages in isnt just theoretical. For example, she works closely with Microsofts MSN Search group to keep improving the core MSN? Web search engine and related capabilities. Much of that research entails trying to understand when and why people are satisfied with their results. Some of her early work in text classification also has been implemented in Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server, Microsofts enterprise search engine, and in spam filters. In addition, much of the core philosophy from the Stuff Ive Seen project ultimately found its way into the MSN Toolbar and desktop search engine.
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