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Interview with Joe Gillespie (06 Apr 2005)
“Greatest claim to fame” is a difficult one. Mini 7 has been a runaway success but started off as a solution to a problem—how to get a lot of text onto a HyperCard button. My very first client, when I moved over to multimedia, was VideoLogic. They made video cards and wonderful electronics trickery that put live video into a window on a Mac or PC screen from a laser disk or videotape. I produced all the in-box demos for the products and a graphical user interface to make it easy for users to produce fades, wipes and all the fancy stuff that had never been seen on a computer before. My program wrote all the scripts necessary to do all these things in Apple’s HyperCard, Asymetrix ToolBook, Macromind Director and AuthorWare. VideoLogic’s DVA 4000 was a great product (in the mid ’90s) and would still put a lot of modern live motion stuff to shame.

As far as Google is concerned, Web Page Design for Designers is my greatest claim to fame. Everything before that was local to the UK—my design and art directors awards, my Institute of Practitioners in Advertising medal and various packaging awards. Unless you were at the award ceremonies, you wouldn’t know about them.
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