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Joseph Konstan on Human-Computer Interaction (29 Mar 2005)
There are people who have been trying to look at this technology to help people identify everything from political candidates and issues to meetings and groups of other people. We haven't done that ourselves but I think it is an exciting area to look at. The whole idea of matchmaking is an exciting one.Not matchmaking for dating and romance, but instead for example putting together ten people who have interesting things to talk about. How do you put together a group of ten people? There are some interesting challenges with how you gather the data. And with what you tell people about why they were matched together. We've talked about using this in areas like computer games. When you go online to one of these game sites and want to play backgammon, there are 7,000 people playing; how can you figure out who would be fun to play with? It might be useful to be able to track who you enjoyed playing with, and who other people enjoyed, and then let the system suggest, hey there is someone sitting at table number 23 who would be a good match for you.
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