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Interactive Narratives Revisited: Ten Years of Research (10 Mar 2005)
Ten years ago, also at the Game Developers Conference, Adams addressed the difficulty in videogame narration in a lecture titled “The Challenge of the Interactive Movie.” During that time, what we've come to call “classic” adventure games were kings of the hill in terms of both narrative and selling power. His focus was on this genre, using examples such as Full Throttle , Phantasmagoria , and Voyeur in order to determine how, exactly, one can define an “interactive movie.” His conclusion, in a nutshell, was that there is no such creature as an “interactive movie,” and that we should abandon all notions to the contrary. Instead, he suggested, we should be focusing on what he calls interactive narratives.

Adams opened this year's lecture by admitting that his interactive narrative research over the last ten years had become “haphazard, unorganized, opinionated, and of little commercial value,” and further warned that “therefore, this lecture will be haphazard, unorganized, opinionated, and of little commercial value.”
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