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The Maine Music Box (15 Mar 2005)
The Maine Music Box is an interactive, multimedia digital music library. Users may view images of sheet music, scores and cover art, play back audio renditions, and manipulate the arrangement of selected pieces by changing the key and instrumentation.

The sheet music collection consists of approximately 22,000 pieces of historical and popular sheet music published and widely played from the mid-19th century until approximately 1990. The strength of the collection is in music published between 1920 and late 1990.

Most of the music is written for voice and piano; a significant minority is instrumental, "parlor salon" scores written specifically for piano. Notable in the collection are early pieces by Irving Berlin and Jerome Kern, as well as music by other popular composers such as Victor Herbert, Percy Wenrich, Jean Schwartz, Paul Dresser, Ernest R. Ball, Gussie L. Davis, Charles K. Harris, and George M. Cohan.
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