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Renewing the Information Infrastructure of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (15 Mar 2005)
From time to time organisations need to review and innovate their basic information infrastructure in order to increase functionality, keep up with current technology, increase standardisation and uniformity and get rid of old technology. At the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (KB) we are currently at the start of a major renewal of the library's information infrastructure. In this article I will review today's information infrastructure in several areas and explain possible changes, the main purpose being to improve the integration and exchange of information between internal and external services, and lowering implementation barriers for new functionality. Following this review, I provide a number of recommendations for development strategies to use available (browser) technology optimally, provide data in machine-readable formats (XML), comply with relevant protocols and standards and enhance modularity.

Although this article is based on my experiences with the infrastructure of the KB, the review and recommendations may be applicable to the infrastructures of other similar organisations as well. It is a representation of a personal view of the author and decisions about the infrastructure are at the time of writing this article still to be made.
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