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Why good ideas beat good graphics (11 Mar 2005)
But he warned that better hardware and bigger development budgets would not be enough to encourage more people to play either.

Instead, he said that game designers must make new kinds of games.

"The best ideas, not the biggest budgets, will win," said Mr Iwata.

"In the universe of interactive entertainment, there is a planet we call video games. We know this planet the best, but it is not the only one," he explained.

"There are other planets that entertain, and it is those planets we are keen to explore."

Mr Iwata said that the large sums of money now required to make a game meant the world's biggest entertainment companies were taking a fresh interest in the industry.

But he said that their expertise might not be compatible with games.

"Their books, movies and TV shows are the same for every user - but our games let users write their own screenplays, and their own endings," he said.
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