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The Bug Hall of Fame (03 Mar 2005)
This was an outcome up with which the engineers would not put.

A new and "improved" trash can was introduced.
When empty, it was the familiar Macintosh trash.

But when it was full, magic happened:

The engineers just though they were providing users with a "neato" way to tell an empty can from a full one, but to many users, the new appearance suggested a painfully distended belly. Millions of people developed the unnecessary and undesirable habit of immediately emptying the trash as soon as the swelling showed. Drop something in; empty the Trash. Drop something in; empty the Trash. It became unconscious habit.

Remember the fellow who dropped the document in the trash by accident? Now, when he saw the trash instantly swell up, he was likely to erase it foreveródrop something in; empty the trashórelieving the trash of it's apparent distress, even as another portion of his brain, in very real distress, was yelling, "No! No! No!"
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