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The Next Wave of E-Government: The Challenges of Data Architecture (03 Feb 2005)
While the leading edge demonstrates an enormous opportunity to provide better information and services to the publics they serve, one concomitant trend must be noted. A huge gap exists between these largest communities and smaller and more rural areas. Regional studies using the MeGAP methodology show that, even in metropolitan areas, a large divide exists between “haves” and “have-nots.” For example, a 2001 study of metropolitan St. Louis showed that only 36% of the region’s local governments had official websites at all. This translates into roughly 30% of the population living in municipalities that offer no online services. Similarly, a study of the entire states of Massachusetts (2002) and Kentucky (2003) using the MeGAP methodology show that significant portions of the populations are nowhere near the leading edge described in this article; indeed, their communities lack official Web presence altogether.
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