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Ken Sevcik on Performance Evaluation (31 Jan 2005)
UBIQUITY: I can't resist asking you a mood question. It sounds silly, but what's the mood of computer science people now? Are they highly optimistic? Do they feel loved and well-funded?

SEVCIK: They're highly optimistic and are all very dedicated to what they do. They all have new ideas in their fields that they're eager to pursue. Computer science was unique when I started out in it because, when I joined our department, the age demographics were that almost everybody was a young assistant professor. And over the years, a lot of those same people are still around our department, but of course we've been joined by an overwhelming number of new people at all ranks and levels. So it's no longer as young a field as it was. We actually have a lot of retirements coming up in the next five years in our department. Yet the enthusiasm has been maintained.
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