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Reinventing Team Spaces for a Collaborative Development Environment (27 Jan 2005)
Jazz is based on an “open office” approach to development: A small team works in close proximity at their workstations, with a shared space available for collaborating at whiteboards, sharing materials, or having meetings [4,5]. Communication is vital: Teammates shout out questions or information, or call colleagues over to consult. Team awareness is also key: Even while focused on their own work, developers have a peripheral sense of the work, activities, and discussions around them. Our goal with Jazz is to elevate the team to a first-class object in the development environment, and to facilitate people awareness (who’s present and what they’re doing), resource awareness (who’s working on code that I depend on), communication, and coordination among the team members. Jazz provides the means to initiate chats, VOIP calls, or screen-sharing sessions with teammates. Another feature that we have begun to explore is a type of asynchronous team space: Conversation transcripts may be saved to the team's space, and other events and artifacts (e.g. code check-ins, check-outs, build results, documents) may be posted. We also envision members contributing to asynchronous team-wide conversations in the space.
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