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Kelly Goto (26 Jan 2005)
The Web industry has changed and the technologies we are used to have changed as well. Sites today need to offer real value to the customer. Current timelines and budgets have been reduced and businesses expect results on a quarterly—not annual—basis. Web sites are actually expected to perform. Consumer expectation is high and there’s a need to balance the effectiveness from a technology and usability standpoint with bottom-line budget and timeframes. This book addresses these issues.

It takes the Core Process and applies it to faster cycles of development with smaller budgets and higher expectations. The process that was introduced in the first book still applies. What we have changed is context—the context is the new economy, in-house teams that are in need of a roadmap or a plan allowing the incorporation of best practices and standards-based design. There is a new emphasis on CSS and the concept of separating content from presentation as well as measuring site effectiveness, and a new chapter on developing technical specifications.
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