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Czerwinski on Vizualization (20 Jan 2005)
Well, one of the first things they do is they leave more windows open. Since you now have extra space, why would you ever minimize a window again? You keep more windows open and you keep more of those windows visible as your display size increases. So what we immediately determined from this was that people are keeping things in the periphery now that they have one a true periphery and they're monitoring work there. So they might leave more of their inbox visible. People can now just glance over and see if there was an important new message for them. They might keep a Web browser, and a Word document, and a PowerPoint document all open together because they're all related, and maybe they're copying and pasting back and forth. They might keep two windows side-by-side for compare-and-contrast, as they might want to do when they're doing a purchase on the Web or performing a product comparison. So we saw this right away.
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