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Understanding Faculty to Improve Content Recruitment for Institutional Repositories (21 Jan 2005)
Our key finding seems obvious in retrospect: what faculty members and university researchers want is to do their research, read and write about it, share it with others, and keep up in their fields. Many of our faculty members are outstanding teachers and some are skilled administrators; they provide service to their departments and fields. But even those who are most committed to the role of professor, broadly defined, complain of overwork, resist clerical responsibility, and resent any additional activity that cuts into their research and writing time.

We found that every one of the people we interviewed used digital tools. Minimally these included email, word-processing programs for authoring, spreadsheets for data storage and manipulation, networks for organizing and storing digital output, online library catalogs and databases for finding and accessing publications, and websites for keeping up and conducting professional activities. However, most interviewees only cared that these tools did work; they had little interest in how the tools worked or what the tools were.
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