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Remarks by Bill Gates at the 2005 International Consumer Electronics Show (06 Jan 2005)
BILL GATES: Here on the screen this is Media Center, which is our key product that has really converged everything, and here is this single remote control that lets you navigate. Well, we're in the photo section here.

CONAN O'BRIEN: These are the photos we took I think last night.

BILL GATES: That's right. So if I click OK I'll get a little slideshow and you'll get a little glimpse of what we were up to together here.

CONAN O'BRIEN: OK, all right, OK, and right now nine people are being fired. (Laughter.) Digitally fired, wireless, there's no connection. (Laughter.) That's the beauty of it -- you don't need firewall or -- I don't know what I'm talking about.


CONAN O'BRIEN: I'm a monkey. All right, we'll get this going. Should we start, should I just -- are we ready to go? OK, the first photo here is you picking me up at the airport right there. I thought that was -- are we seeing these at all?

BILL GATES: No, I don't think we are.

CONAN O'BRIEN: No, I don't think we are.

BILL GATES: That's the problem when you have the wrong remote control. It's a good thing you only have one, though.

CONAN O'BRIEN: Yeah, that's good. (Laughter.) All right, well, is anybody going to do anything or should we just move on? (Laughter.) Did I mention there was gambling in this town, Las Vegas? Feel free to hit the tables. You can come back when we get this thing working.
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