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Technologically Mediated Lifeworld (23 Dec 2004)
Science, Technology and Society (STS) studies combine the philosophical study of the meaning of technology in human life with the study of ethics, politics, history and sociology of science and technology[5]. STS studies are dedicated to analyzing science and technology, their development, and their impact on the society and as well as understanding of the interaction of science, technology and society. How does science affect the society? How does society affect the development of science, the concepts and metaphors it deploys, the kind of knowledge it produces? How do theories change in science? What are the relations between science and technology? What are the social and moral responsibilities of scientists and citizens living in a society in which science and technology are so important? STS studies include the traditional disciplines of anthropology, design, geography, history, philosophy, political science, sociology, and social psychology. Theoretical approaches encompass critical policy studies, cognitive sciences, cultural theory, ethics, linguistics/semiotics, political economy, simulation/ethno mathematics, and social theory. Objects of study range from the material to artificial worlds. Research within STS studies has focused on the environment, health, information technology, ethics, engineering, technology transfer, biotechnology and design.
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