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The User Experience Community is Thinking Too Big (17 Dec 2004)
By now, most people will have read Dirk Knemeyer's Digital Web article, The End of Usability Culture. My biggest beef here is that Dirk, and many others, are taking arms in what seems like a battle of design vs. usability or information architecture vs. usability or interaction design vs. information architecture, etc., etc.

That's completely the wrong war. We've made tremendous progress in penetrating organizations and helping them understand why each and everyone one of these disciplines are important to the success of a product but we're hardly as well accepted as we should be. Discussions of ROI and convincing management are still rampant and this leads me to believe that we need to continue to push that front, instead of pointing fingers at each other and telling people "you need less usability, they're causing your sites to look ugly."

So in this case, "big" meant fighting at a level and scope that's rather detrimental to all the disciplines.
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