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By the People, For the People: Posters from the WPA, 1936-1943 (20 Dec 2004)
More than 35,000 posters were created as part of the WPA project, but today only approximately 2,000 of that number still exist. The Library of Congress has the largest collection of existing WPA posters, and the By the People, For the People collection consists of 908 of them. The posters in the collection were created for various government programs, including those related to health and safety, culture, art, theater, music, travel, education, and community activities.

The Library of Congress By the People, For the People web site provides much more than a collection of poster images, however. It sets the collection within a historical context, describing the purposes, processes, outcomes and legacy of the Federal Arts Project. A Learning Page provides resources for teachers including information about US history, questions to encourage students' critical thinking, and guidance on how to search for specific things within the collection. In addition, several pages are provided that might be of interest to others who are engaged in creating digital archives, such as Building the Digital Collection, Cataloging the Collection, and Copyright and Other Restrictions.
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