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How Usability and Audit Contribute to Product Design (01 Nov 2004)
It is almost impossible to do business without using information technology (IT) systems, whether or not they are developed in-house. Evaluating the quality of these systems is critical to an organizationís ability to do business using resources in an optimal way.

The success of any organization derives from being cost effective and optimizing resources. Quality in usable systems is simply good business. Usable systems save effort and allow employees to concentrate on the job at hand. High-quality systems save time and reduce bottlenecks, work-arounds, and support calls.

An audit organization doesnít measure quality, but it must provide assurance to the Board and senior management that every reasonable action is taken to do "good business." This activity provides a golden opportunity for audit and usability groups to work together to create awareness, to do what has to be done, and to check whether everything is done as it should be. When the collaboration is successful, it leads to what is called "quality in use."
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