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10 ways to continuously improve your intranet (02 Dec 2004)
The amount of work involved in designing a new intranet or redesigning an existing intranet is minor compared to the time needed to maintain an effective intranet over the longer term. In fact, it is common for the initial excitement of a new intranet to fade away as the reality of day-to-day maintenance and the challenges of improving the intranet become apparent.

For this reason, intranets tend to go one of two ways after launch - they either stagnate with few new features added over time or become masses of unstructured content and functionality created in a random fashion. This typically continues until the next redesign is announced.

Does this mean a redesign project is the only way to substantially improve an intranet? Is this the only time that user-centred design activities, such as staff interviews and usability tests, can be conducted? If a redesign project is not launched, how can the intranet team possibly find the time to improve the intranet whilst at the same time meeting the day-to-day maintenance schedule?
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