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Fluttering Off the Beaten Path - Cecropia Tries Game, 2D Animation 'Interactive Film' Hybrid (01 Dec 2004)
Ultimately on the quest for personality in animation, Khudari suggests, "There's a woman at MIT who teamed up with a make-up artist to create a robot, and they chose a very non-human looking design for the robot because of this very issue. Something that looked human would be perceived as creepy, whereas something that looked like a creature could be more appealing. That's a problem that the Polar Express had. Now, different teams are doing different types of work in CGI, and some of the teams are doing really awesome jobs at the personality animation, and they're really getting there, but again, that is the bleeding edge, it's the state of the art, and so rather than bleed along with them, we chose to rely on the tried and true."
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