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Soapbox: On Girls and Video Games (30 Nov 2004)
I have to speak up, because Iím sick of the drivel. When the men making video games for males occasionally look up from their passion to realize that they are missing 50% of the population market. Then we hear the whine of why we can't get more girls to play games, and why women, who can seem to find time for innumerable interests, should be playing video games, but they donít.

And the excuses are trotted out, that women have more demands on their time than men, or at least they choose to spend that time differently, or that they might be interested if they could learn something in the process, or build or understand relationships with the game or something besides hacking enemies into pieces. And then the men making video games go back to their passion, because there is the pervasive notion that you must be passionate about games in order to make them. And the passion of males in games is very different from that of females.
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