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Your Customer Is A Search Engine (12 Dec 2004)
Steve Yastrow, author of Brand Harmony, contends that the only item with a lower level of trust than advertising is a used car salesman. "A brand impression is strong if it gives the consumer a clear idea of why she wants to be involved with the product being branded."

Elliot Gluskin, managing partner of the Gluskin Townley Group, said advertisers need to take a long hard look at their products and determine how those products' benefits can match and take advantage of their customers' interests and passions. The companies that are successful will be those that can efficiently deliver their messages to consumers who want to hear them -- and avoid those of us who don't.

"Today's world runs at a frenetic pace with information-loaded messages bombarding consumers everywhere they look - media, Internet, outdoor, and every place they are - in the car, on a subway, in a public restroom," said Gluskin. "In this type of environment, the only messages allowed to get through are those that directly impact the consumer's key interests and passions."
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