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Bridging the Gap Between User and Business Goals (01 Dec 2004)
Once you’ve altered your process to help align business and user goals, look for ways to show the value of your efforts in business terms. You can start slowly by holding a postmortem with your client and/or stakeholders to discuss how the project went. Gather success stories that show how user-centered design actually helps meet business goals and go out there and evangelize those to the people who count.

As you begin to get better at this, come up with proof in numbers. Understand the business needs very well before the project begins (a good idea anyway) and identify some baseline measurables you can work with down the road.

It can be easy to forget these things along the way, so add this into your process. Create a milestone relating to proving the value of your efforts. Chances are, you’ll be able to go back later and sell the value of usability in terms your clients or stakeholders will understand.
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