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Archiving Interactive Digital Television (24 Nov 2004)
Interactive Television is now considered an integral part of the viewer proposition for many digital television platforms. Increasingly interactive content is seen as a true peer of traditional linear content and subsequently there is a requirement for it to be treated as such in the broadcast chain. This includes archiving.

Archiving digital content can occur at different points in the broadcast chain. Generally these can be classified as either “pre-transmission” or “as-transmitted”. In both cases the archiving of traditional linear content, e.g. video and audio, is reasonably well catered for, though often relying on solutions developed for analogue broadcasting. However, at present there is little technology available to archive interactive content due to the diversity and nature of the deployed technologies.

This paper describes ongoing research into the archiving of as-transmitted interactive content.

This document was originally published in the Proceedings of the International Broadcasting Convention, September 2004.
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