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Secret Benefits of Search Engine Optimisation: Increased Usability (15 Nov 2004)
Quite simply, search engines love content -- the more content on a page, the easier it is for search engines to work out what that page is actually about. Search engines may struggle to work out the point of a Web page that has less than 200 words, and may ultimately penalise that page in the search rankings.

It's also good to avoid low-content pages from a usability perspective. A page with less than 200 words is unlikely to contain a large amount of searchable textual information, so site visitors will undoubtedly need to click elsewhere to find more detailed content.

Don't be afraid to put a reasonably large amount of information on to a page. Generally, Web users don't mind scrolling down anymore, and, as long as the page provides mechanisms to aid scanning (such as employing sub-headings -- see point 6 below) it shouldn't be difficult for site visitors to locate the particular information that they want.
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