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Journalism that Clicks (12 Nov 2004)
As news organizations sized up the World Wide Web a decade ago, many journalists speculated about the amazing days ahead for their craft. The new medium promised the ability to link to original documents, combine the power of audio, video, animations and photos, and allow readers to participate in the news process: all that and so much more was sure to usher in a new Golden Age of Journalism.

Spend a few minutes at many online news sites, however, and youíll conclude that the promise has gone largely unfulfilled. Most news sites offer little more than the same material already offered in print or broadcast. And the same old big media voices dominate the landscape.

Itís not all bad news, however: some online news sites exploit the multimedia, interactive and archival capabilities of the Web in ways that let journalists deliver on its promise of convergence. Other sites offer alternative takes on the news that allow users to form their own opinions about whatís happening in the world.
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