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Why Technology Matters but Shouldn't (12 Nov 2004)
Technology matters because we can't build anything and everything we can imagine. Interfaces like Minority Report may seem appealing but, aside from being impractical, are technically or monetarily infeasible. What matters then, is knowing when it's actually not feasible and when it just seems that way or put another way, whether the programmer is being inflexible.

This may seem contrary to what I've said before about being both programmer and designer:

I have found myself limiting my design choices based on what I knew to be technically feasible. ... While pragmatism has its place, such an approach is akin to shooting yourself in the foot before starting the race.

I still stand by that statement. When I know the inner workings of a program because I'm also the developer, I often limit my design choices before truly considering them. An example recently occurred with my new blog. My girlfriend suggested that I move the two sets of stripes which surround the design down a bit to match the spacing of the header photograph. I knew it was actually a page background graphic and thus, "couldn't be done" and such was my instinctive reaction, "it can't be done." Of course it can.
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