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A Service-Oriented Framework for Bibliography Management (09 Nov 2004)
Despite the importance of bibliographies in scientific/technical documents, a global solution to the bibliography management problem has still not been developed. Current solutions are limited in the sense that they are word-processor oriented, whereas users must often write documents with different tools. This obligates authors to use different bibliography managers, and even different collections (with subsequent problems such as consistency enforcement, updating, etc.) depending on the word processor used. In this article, we introduce Bibshare, a new framework for bibliography management that allows writers to use the same bibliography collection(s) regardless of the word processing system they use. Moreover, both personal and external collections can be used to retrieve the bibliographic information to be inserted into documents. Bibshare is an example of the new generation of applications that have been built using a ServiceOriented approach. It is open and extensible so new collections and word processors can be added in a straightforward way. In addition, it is available free of charge. This article outlines the architecture of Bibshare and enumerates some of Bibshare's features, emphasizing its federated search service.
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