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Airport Safety: A Case Study for Infrastructure Security (27 Oct 2004)
An opinion piece in a recent issue of US News & World Report [iii] defending the internment of Japanese Americans during the Second World War has pushed me over my limit in tolerating fuzzy thinking about infrastructure security, so in this article I'm going to use airport security as a focus for what I hope you will find to be a bit of clear thinking.

I will dissect what I see as serious errors of reasoning that are harming our ability to ensure passenger safety in this country. On the way, I'll also take some swipes at other aspects of public policy on infrastructure security.

My hope is that readers will be sufficiently (a) convinced and (b) incensed by the foolish waste of our defense resources to speak out in their professional capacity and influence public policy for the better. ACM Ubiquity readers have the professional background and the intelligence to be able to intervene in these matters - get on with it!
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