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Secret Benefits of Accessibility Part 1: Increased Usability (18 Oct 2004)
Consistent navigation across pages is also an important way to maximise a site's accessibility to those with reading and/or cognitive disabilities, but again, everyone benefits. Each time you visit a new Website, it takes you a few seconds to adjust to the unique layout and user interface of that page. Imagine if you had to do that every time you followed a link to a new page!

In reality, most sites do have consistent navigation across most pages. The main culprit for falling foul of this guideline is the homepage, which some Websites structure quite differently to the rest of the site. By having a consistent interface across the entire Website, we can instantly locate the page content without having to look around for it.

As you know, navigation consistency is a basic principle of Web design that's no more or less important on accessibility-focused sites. It's an essential that underpins Web design in general.

Regardless of whether you client is interested in accessibility or usability, these tenets still stand. So if you're ever in doubt, refer to those principles! They're usually fairly accessibility-minded.
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