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Introduction to Databases (13 Oct 2004)
Hopefully this article has served to demystify databases and how to start using them.

You now know that a database is just a handy and structured place to put all your data. You know what database software is for, who makes it and why there can be such huge price differences.

Your grasp of SQL is tenuous, but at least you know what it stands for.

And finally, the phrase “database-driven Web site” no longer scares you, because it’s just about people putting stuff in a database and having it automatically appear on a Web site.

And when you have commissioned and received your brand new, database-driven, fully dynamic Web site, you can feel very proud that you are keeping up with your competitors. You can also be happy that you’ll still have a reason to call your IT guy, who is working for you again from his cottage in Barbados.
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