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Postmortem: Stardock's The Political Machine (11 Oct 2004)
So, I kid you not, all of these features were added in about 30 days. But why is this in the "what went wrong" category? Most of it nearly didn't get play tested. The guys got so enamored playing each other at multiplayer that no one had, for example, tested to see if you could actually win the campaign. Fortunately, in one of the last release candidates, I sat down and started to play the campaign for fun. And as the guy who coded the computer AI, if I can't win the campaign, nobody could. When I got up to George Washington to play, he won every state. I didn't even win a single state. He smoked me. So over the course of that weekend we began massive play testing to make sure the game played how we wanted. We then submitted to Ubisoft a new release candidate that Monday (someone from Ubisoft is probably reading this thinking: "Oh god, I didn't want to know that!")
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