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Annotating the Planet, Microsoft Style (07 Oct 2004)
Keep in mind that devices that connect you to the infosphere also connect the infosphere to you. State agencies and your nosy in-laws will know your every move, and if you are a target of one of those with access to the surveillance sphere, you won't find it easy to elude them. Mostly, they will use their powers and their communication channels to give you 20% off on your favorite detergent. The ordinary everyday transaction, however, when it is multiplied by ALL the transactions taking place in the world, is a mighty force. If billions of people begin to use purchasing power to support their values and beliefs, what kind of economics, what kind of governance will result? When we routinely connect our telephones to the physical world by reading or tagging, will we become more or less free than we are today? And can we have a conversation about that question before mass-adoption makes it moot?
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