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The Network is the Game: Social Trends in Mobile Entertainment (02 Oct 2004)
Cellphones and game machines are on a collision course. Game developers know how to create entertainment for consoles and PCs -- but what happens when the game machine is a near-ubiquitous, inherently social device that transcends class and gender boundaries? What kinds of mobile entertainment experiences will be compelling to people who've grown up with cellphones, and are accustomed to texting, picture-sharing, talking, and downloading -- as well as gaming?

To create great mobile games, we need to understand how people use cellphones, and what role 'mobile relationships' play in their lives. In this short talk, Amy Jo Kim provides an overview of the most recent ethnographic research into mobile useage patterns and emergent social phenomena, and demonstrate how fast-growing mobile services like UPOC and ImaHima are riding this wave by helping phone users maintain and grow their social networks. The talk concludes with a summary of the key social trends that are important for mobile game developers to pay attention to.
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