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Earth as A Lens: Global Collaboration, GeoCommunication, and The Birth of EcoSentience (01 Jul 2004)
Ultimately, Fuller's World Game was meant to be played inside of his most important invention, the Geoscope. The Geoscope, a spherical, immersive projection environment for Earth information, was never fully realized in his time. It was to be a fully computerized "globe" Fuller, in fact, envisioned that Geoscopes of varying sizes could be viewed from the inside by a single individual to a group of hundreds of players. Although the concept came to Fuller more than 40 years ago, it was a tool for a time of technological maturity. His "Geoscope" was a tool for planning and stewardship that could offer experiential hands-on opportunities to discover vast amounts of information in a geospatial context. Well before the advent of the World Wide Web, Fuller had asserted, "With the Geoscope humanity would be able to recognize formerly invisible patterns and thereby to forecast and plan in vastly greater magnitude than heretofore. The consequences of various world plans could be computed and projected, using the accumulated history."[6]
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