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The Web is a Human Creation (29 Sep 2004)
Jakob Nielson is an opinion leader in the area of usability. However, I think he would despise the term because his recommendations are based solely on researchófor example, how four people sitting in a room prefer to use a Web site, while being observed. In any case, he claims one should never open a second browser window:

[T]he strategy is self-defeating since it disables the Back button which is the normal way users return to previous sites.

He speaks as if this is a fact.

Letís add to the mix.
The authors of The Web Style Guide: Basic Design Principles are experts in the area of Web design. With no uncertainty, they state their recommendation as fact. It is the exact opposite of Nielsonís. They state that one should always open a second browser window. Why are these noted experts so firm in their recommendations?
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