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Making Your Content Management System Work for You: An Interview with Jeffrey Veen (29 Sep 2004)
For many companies, they should probably never consider installing a CMS. After looking at the resulting implementations of dozens of CMS packages, it's pretty clear these systems are grossly bloated with complex features few sites need.

Most CMS software evolved from the Document Management process, which involved the development of large, complicated documents that hundreds of people collaborate on. These Document Management systems were excellent at enabling collaboration for situations like new drug approval or oil-drilling exploration. These documents are often thousands of pages long, with a complicated legal approval process. You don't want to screw that up, for sure.

However, 90 percent of the web sites don't need the complex features of a CMS. Most only need a way to move the page maintenance to the responsible people. For example, if an organization wants the marketing department to control the site's press release area, the marketing folks need a mechanism to get content online immediately, fix mistakes, and take down outdated information. They don't need to contact the technical services department for this.
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