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Event Wrap-Up: Austin Game Conference and Women's Game Conference (29 Sep 2004)
After more than 15 minutes of delay due to a technical problem, Vance spoke to the crowd sans slide presentation and speech. She ad-libbed from an outline of her speech, telling personal stories about her three daughters and how they, as females, interacted with toys and the world differently than a few young boy who spent a day at her home. "Women play differently than men," she said, connecting her story more directly to the game industry. She added that, although women play differently, they are not for the most part in the studios creating the games that they would play, or implementing their ideas on how they would want to play a game differently.

Vance's talk slowly drifted away from the issue of women in gaming when questions were opened to the audience. Audience members instead asked questions about the ESRB, possibly indicating some level of unfamiliarity with it (seeing as many, likely, do not currently work in the game industry, as illustrated the day before by the informal audience survey). However, the question and answer period did illustrate that the audience was interested in learning more about the industry, not just the role and future role of females in it.
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