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Weaving the Threads: Storytelling in City Of Heroes (24 Sep 2004)
We at Cryptic are constantly searching for new ways to add to the fabric of our story. Telling a story over the course of an entire zone is the latest technique that is part of our process for creating an online world. We will continue adding new ways of bringing the story to the players and when we do, we will make certain that it adds to the whole.

The initial Contacts and tasks are only the beginning of the story that characters will find in Paragon City. As they increase in level, the stories they started with will connect to other villain groups and zones. The players will finish off many of the stories by completing Task Force Story Arcs. These are very challenging Story Arcs that require groups of heroes to complete. Many of them will bring them into direct conflict with the arch-villains who are in charge of the organizations they have been fighting all along. This gives the players many accolades to achieve along their path to the top, with an obvious hierarchy sometimes absent in games which just create larger monsters, divorced from any kind of organization.

In the future, we will also be weaving in many more events... Some of these events will be small and only affect a few, but others might have far reaching effects on a zone or even an entire villain group. These sorts of permanent alterations to the tapestry will enrich the living feeling of the world - the Rikti alien invasion which ended the Beta Test is a startling example of a worldwide event with significant consequences.
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