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More Usable Forms - Controlling Scroll Position (15 Sep 2004)
Anybody who has observed an average user trying to complete a form or a series of forms knows that the experience is often frustrating. Take extra measures to improve the usability of your forms -- even in minor ways - and you can really boost the user friendliness of your application on the whole.

One technique that you can use to improve your forms' usability is to preserve the page scroll after post-backs. You might like to use this functionality in a search page, for example, on which the user can sort the results by column. If you have at the top of the page a from that accepts search parameters, and you display the results below, it can be very annoying for users to have to scroll down the page past the parameters to the results each time they want to sort their results by a given column. Luckily, we can do something about this.
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