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From 'What If?' To What Is: How Research Becomes a Feature (19 Sep 2004)
Sometimes a research group will come up with a project that's offered to Microsoft customers. One example of this is Photo Story, offered through a Digital Media Plus! pack. Photo Story is a unique and fun way to show off the family pictures.

When researcher Dave Vronay was working on PhotoStory, he wanted to recreate the feeling of a family sitting around an old-fashioned photo album and telling the stories connected to the pictures.

"A picture is not just a description of what is there," he said. "For instance, if you have a picture of a hotel, and you showed it to a friend, you probably wouldn't just say, 'and that's the hotel we stayed at.' You might instead launch into a story about the waiter with purple hair who served you duck soup at the hotel restaurant, even though you didn't have a picture of him. The photo would be a reminder of the stories that surrounded that photo."
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