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Towards the next generation of enterprise search technology (19 Sep 2004)
Thus, it seems that search and knowledge management in the enterprise should be improving and may indeed be easier than on the Web. The demand is there. The technologies are there. What is the missing part? Where is the problem? The answer lies in part in the essential differences between the public Web and the internal environment of the enterprise. One factor is that although enterprise corpora are smaller, they lack the highly hyperlinked nature of the Web, and thus some of the most successful techniques for the Web, based on link analysis, do not apply in the enterprise. This results in lower relevancy of retrieved documents. Another factor is that in the enterprise there are additional security, reliability, and performance issues that complicate the problem. A well-publicized example is the need to protect the privacy of individuals' personal data. The implications of this issue on search and text-analytic applications is a current popular research area, with legislatively mandated compliance monitoring eliciting heated debate, both pro and con.
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