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Mena Trott (15 Sep 2004)
One of the biggest things that I want to get through (and that I probably donít a good enough job of getting through) is that itís completely untrue that weíre this big corporate company and that we donít care about the usersóthat itís all about just Ben and Mena and the venture capitalists. Itís not so; there are so many smart people here who love what theyíre doing and love blogging. It dismisses their value when people say the company is just a big corporation that doesnít care about its users.

People should understand that when youíre insulting the company, youíre insulting a lot of people. Weíre all good people and I wish everyone would take some time to see that. There are so many other targets to focus on; our little company from San Mateo is the least among them.
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