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Cons in the panopticon: Anti-globalization and cyber-piracy (14 Sep 2004)
The term 'warez' [8] refers to all pirated goods, whether they are software, games, or music. Other warez-related items are also affixed with a 'z' at their end, such as 'crackz' which are patches that allow the bypassing of software copy protections and 'serialz' which are illegally distributed key codes that permit access to the software. Those warez generally referred to as '0-day' are typically acquired for distribution within a day of their original release. Connotations of the term '0-day' that appears on the site, include warez items' anticipated short availability on Web sites, urging one to download it before its impending deletion.

There is an important distinction between hackers and crackers. 'Crackers' are typically those whose expertise is to reverse-engineer copyright protections of software, while 'hackers' can generally be perceived as technological explorers who tinker and play with computer systems, either locally or via the Internet. Hackers themselves are not necessarily malevolently motivated, as some hack mainly for freeing information, or for lifting technological boundaries, while others may deliberately hack to vandalize.
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