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TOCHI Retrospective (08 Sep 2004)
A recent review of the ACM Digital Library download statistics were a happy surprise. Assuming that no bots are at work on the ACM site, papers are downloaded much more frequently than I imagined. This is accelerating as the digital library membership spreads and more people become aware of it. CHI conference papers are downloaded more than those of other ACM conferences, and TOCHI papers are downloaded more often than CHI conference papers on average.

I encourage readers to make the effort to submit work to HCI journals. You and the community will benefit. Your work will be read. Digital archives are likely to remain available for a long time.

Partly in light of these observations, I want to respond to a proposal in the first SIGCHI E-Bulletin issue: that we follow a SIGGRAPH model and institute a revision and re-review cycle for our conference submissions, then publish them as TOCHI journal articles. Perhaps it is appropriate for SIGGRAPH, but this model has little merit for human-computer interaction. The purposes it might serve can be realized in other ways.
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