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HCI Grad Schools : Are They Worth It? (10 Sep 2004)
When I came out of high school, the first thing I learnt in undergraduate courses was, "everything you've been taught up to now has been a lie or at best, a gross approximation." Great. Back to square one. Coming off of HCI consulting where I felt I had all the tools I needed in my toolbox, the first thing I learnt in graduate courses was, "you think you know a lot but really, there's a whole lot more you don't know."

It's only appropriate that as a comic strip site, I express my point with another comic. A fine illustration from Piled Higher and Deeper shows why grad school makes you dumber.

What have I learnt? I've learnt how little I actually know and more importantly, how much more there is to learn from the field. There's a lot out there and plenty of room for people to become experts in one area or another.
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